The FishHawk Road Runners Club is a running club that offers something for everyone. We are a diverse group of runners with more than 100 members. The FishHawk Road Runners participate in races varying from the mile to the marathon. Our club shirts can be seen at all the local area running events. We also like to get off the roads and run the trails. Our runners participate in several trails races each year. A key club goal is to participate in as many local races as we can, with a focus on camaraderie, teamwork and fun. 

We have a cadre of of experienced and competitive runners, as well as runners who are just starting out. We have runners who finish first, as well as runners whose goals are just to finish. We strive to keep a proper focus between the rigors of the sport and the fun loving nature of runners. Come and run with us!

Group Runs

Thurs 6:30 pm
Track workout @Barringtion Middle School

6:00 am - first group 
6:30 am - second group
@Hit The Trails (park behind HTT))

Sun 6:30 am
Trail run @Balm Boyette Nature Preserve